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Study: Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol

Marijuana Safer Alcohol

A person is over 100 more times likely to die from overdosing on alcohol than from marijuana, a scientific study has recently found.

The study, published in Scientific Reports journal, compared the risks associated with 10 substances using the margin of exposure approach; which compares a lethal dose of the substance with the dosage typically taken by recreational users. Some of the substances tested included nicotine and alcohol, as well as other substances such as cocaine, heroin, ecstasy (MDMA) and methamphetamines.

The findings were astounding. They revealed that the mortality risk to individuals posed by marijuana was approximately 114 times less than that of alcohol. Marijuana, in fact, was the only substance to be classified as ‘low risk’ among all the substances, while alcohol posed the highest risk to individuals and was ranked alongside nicotine, heroin and cocaine as ‘high risk’.

In conclusion, the study suggested that tobacco and alcohol should be prioritized in terms of risk, and suggested that governments should legalize and regulate the use of marijuana as opposed to the current practice of full prohibition.

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