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Top Online Smoke Shop For Smoking Accessories


What are you looking for when browsing at an online head shop? Whether it’s bold and unique statement pieces, one-of-a-kind products, or simple and affordable pipes, World of Bongs has it all. Being the best online head shop has brought its products to the forefront of online marijuana products and accessories. 

An online head shop should be more than just a selling point. It should be a community of products made to high-quality standards that offer overall affordability. More than that, it should be cultivating a lifestyle of freedom. This online smoke shop has worked to bring like-minded individuals from all over the world and give them a shopping experience unlike any other.

Best 420 accessories for sale 

World of Bongs is more than just an online smoke shop. It is a culture, a community, and a dedicated way of life. They work hard in providing the best of all ranges in smoking products and accessories. Over 2 million people follow and interact on their Facebook page which showcases unique and new products like bongs, rigs, grinders, and pipes. 

An online head shop like this stands out by giving people insight and goals on what useful smoking accessories might suit their lifestyles best. This drive to bring products to everyone gives them the title of the greatest online head shop in the world. 

Water Bongs

Water Bongs

Getting the bong has never been easier with the wide selection provided by online shopping. There are many things to consider when purchasing a water bong. Topics like functionality, size, and style are all things to contemplate. If looking for something wild, go crazy and get weird with the ‘Blue-Eye’ Monster Honeycomb bong. With a bright blue eye and a big gaping mouth, nothing can get stranger when smoking with this. 

A more simple and functional water bong would be the 10 inch Pink Heart Beaker bong. Puff, puff, pass the love around with this clear and softly tinted pink bong. Don’t miss out on the benefits of smoking weed from a bong. They offer smoother and bigger hits that are healthier due to the use of water as filtration to the smoke!

Weed Pipes

Weed Pipes

Unique items unlike any others can be found in the World of Bongs pipes section. From ornate and simple, to truly wild and original, there is something for everyone. A very well-made piece of detailed art or playful simplicity can make a smoke session beautiful or fun. Even pieces crafted expertly to look like the heat of the moment make-shift bowls can make a statement. 

Two such pipe pieces are the Glass Plastic Bottle and the Soda Can Hand Pipe. The details of the pop bottle and soda can are too real. They are made to look like quickly made on-the-go bowls. It is an expertly designed glass bowl that is very detailed. Bringing back memories of meet-ups in the city or nights by the campfire, when there was bud but no proper smoking utensil.

Looking for love with a cloud of smoke will include the Pocket Heart Hand Pipe. Created by MJ Arsenal, this brand has many bowls, bongs, and rigs. Another brand, GRAV Labs has fantastic bowls, bubblers, and glass blunts. Their Pebble Spoon and Sip Series Milk Carton Bubbler are fan favorites. 

Dab Rigs

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs have soared in popularity and this online head shop brings a wide variety of different styles to the market. An ideal dab rig to blow anyone’s mind is the Pulsar Mini Rig. It comes in shaded blue glass and is made to offer supreme flavor, incredible percolation, and solid heat retention. 

If there is a truly unique dab rig for the South Park lover out there, then it is the Randy Dab Rig. This is a one-of-a-kind product made with expert skill from glass. World of Bongs works to bring the best products at prices for everyone. A simple and clear 5-inch all-in-one dab rig made of quartz is only $25. Dabbing tools are also very useful and come in fun shapes, colors, and styles. The Forest Mushroom Dabbing tool is a prime example of a beautiful and fun utensil. 

Nectar collectors

Nactar Collectors

Becoming more and more popular, nectar collectors are used like straws. Acting as portable and simpler dab rigs, these nectar collectors are durable and useful. Different pipes come with different tips that are either quartz or titanium. Both are great and some products like the desert-themed Cactus Nectar Pipe, come with both types of tips.  

Silicone nectar collectors make these products durable and long-lasting. The Pink RPG nectar collector adds a playful vibe to the dabbing business. Dabbing is becoming one of the most popular forms of smoking. Vaporizing concentrates efficiently and offering impactful hits make these items so popular. The Eyce silicone nectar collector is affordable and perfect when vaping concentrates. 

Stash Containers

Stash Containers

Having a great spot to store cannabis is crucial. Weed that is out and laying around can go stale quickly and dry out. Stash containers are a great way to solve that issue. It keeps weed safely in one location. A simple and aesthetically pleasing container is one like a glass wooden stash jar. It comes in a few varying sizes with 30ml being perfect for wax and concentrates and the 120ml being awesome for fresh nuggets of bud.

Feeling a bit like a chemist that is ready to break bad and get high? If so, try the THC Elemental Stash jar. Dried-out flowers will burn up quickly and often unevenly. Stash containers like this one can prevent that by offering humidity control. Any stash container is better than no stash container. These stash containers and jars work towards the preservation of flavor, potency, and freshness.

World of Bongs is so much more than an online head shop. They have everything you could need from a simple chillum to an exquisite and ornate water bong. It is the go-to source of all things useful, new, and emerging in the market for cannabis products and accessories. 

If you’re looking for heady glass, World of Bongs recently opened their own gallery called Cloud7, located in downtown Zürich, where they mainly sell heady glass and glass art.

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