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Two New Cannabis Gummies Are Now Available in Arizona


OGeez!, a leading Arizona-based cannabis gummy company, is launching two new products back-to-back. The two gummies — The Naturals and The Big OGeez! — hit shelves just days apart in December.

The Naturals, a live rosin, vegan gummy is being rolled out in Sweet Clementine under the tagline “Whole Plant Goodness” in a sleek, vibrant black bag with gold lettering.

The Big OGeez!, meanwhile, is a mega version of Peg’s Raspberry Orange RSO, one of the company’s most sought-after products. It’s perforated into 10 slices — each 10 milligrams, for a grand total of 100 milligrams.

“It’s double trouble with these two new gummies,” said OGeez! CEO Bran Noonan. “They are both going to wow consumers in different ways and carve out their own unique identities. We’re extremely excited to be launching them into the Arizona market now and to have them teed up when we enter several other states.”

While live rosin — a solventless and pure cannabis concentrate — has continued to gain popularity, OGeez!’s Sweet Clementine version is already getting attention throughout the Grand Canyon State.

Noonan stressed that The Naturals, which is OGeez!’s first-ever vegan gummy, is “not just for cannabis connoisseurs,” a concept he noted limits the market and makes for an intimidating product. Rather, he described it as a “Whole Foods-meets-farmer’s market style gummy that’s accessible to everyone.”

“The all-natural extraction method that’s used to create live rosin is actually a lot like making a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice,” he said.

Like freshly squeezed juice, live rosin is created through a pressing process. The highest-quality harvested cannabis is frozen and ultimately pressed to extract the all-natural, live rosin oil.

The cannabis world has taken to it fiercely, but OGeez! is now adding its own unique twist and taking it to the next level. “The Naturals have the effect that we demand in every single one of our products. And while they have the added benefit of being an all-natural, vegan gummy, they still have OGeez!’s signature bouncy texture and amazing, mouthwatering flavor.”

Paul Hinojos of Valley of the Sun dispensary said The Naturals are already making waves.

“The new OGeez! Naturals live rosin is going to be a game changer,” Hinojos said. “I was initially worried about the texture and flavor with this being the first vegan option from OGeez!, but boy was I wrong. The flavor complements the live rosin very well and is a must try.”

Meanwhile, OGeez! is doubling down — again — on its wildly popular RSO. With the addition of The Big OGeez!, the cannabis company now has three RSO gummies: Its standard 10 milligram; a 30 milligram for medical users; and now this mega 100-milligram gummy.

The field of 100-milligram, scored gummies has become crowded, but The Big OGeez! is filling a big gap in the market. Since October 2021, when it launched its original RSO — named in honor of the company’s late founder Peggy Noonan — OGeez! has dominated the RSO market in Arizona.

Bran Noonan, who took over OGeez! after Peggy passed away in April 2021, said his mother would have loved how the company made historically bitter RSO (aka Rick Simpson Oil) accessible to all consumers in the form of a delicious gummy.

The RSO, he said, delivers the “therapeutic and pain relief that Peggy cared about and championed.”

“Launching The Big OGeez! gives us a real RSO trifecta,” he said. “I’m so proud Peggy, our original OG, is the namesake of all three of these products.”

The introduction of The Naturals and The Big OGeez! caps off another epic year for OGeez!

Last January, it launched the RSO in a 30-milligram gummy for medical users. From there, it introduced its CBD/THC ratio gummy, Happy Balance, in a new flavor (Strawberries & Cream); launched another hugely popular Limited Edition Summer Gummy — this one in Pink Lemonade; and revamped its entire flavor line-up, bringing the first ever multi-flavor product lines (The Creams and The Fruits) to Arizona.

Cannabis sales nationwide are rising steadily. According to news reports, 2023 sales are projected to hit $33 billion in the U.S. for medical and recreation — up from $30 billion for 2022. And those numbers are expected to skyrocket to nearly $57 billion by 2028, driven by the adult recreational market.

Noonan said OGeez! has loved calling Arizona home for so long and is now looking ahead to expanding beyond the 48th state.

“Our die-hard Arizona consumer base has given us the confidence to spread our wings,” he said. “The cannabis industry is moving at a very fast pace and we’re excited to be at the forefront of it all with awesome new products and new locations that we will be announcing very soon.”

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