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Metal Bong Review

Do you have a massive marijuana nug problem? If you have a giant-sized nug and you didn’t want to crush it, then you need a large metal bowl to smoke it. And this metal bong is perfect for sharing mega quantities of cannabis, especially if you want to make sure the whole room receives a second-hand high for being in the presence of this beauty in action.

Better than a normal, large, stationary hookah, this eclectic stylized metal water bong is the ticket for a truly failsafe party bong. Gather a group of friends or medical marijuana patients, sit in a circle, and pass this metal bong around and around all night.

Featuring a metal draw pipe, a large metal bowl and stem, and the tightly sealed metal top ensures a spill-free, unbreakable experience. When all you want is to fill the need, then whip out the medical marijuana and pass around this handy, metal water bong as if you’re passing the torch for the bud-Olympics. And whatever you do, don’t pass up on this buy.

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