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Vapen Clear Concentrate – Gorilla Glue

Vapen Clear Concentrate

Potency and purity dominate with VAPEN Clear’s concentrates!

VAPEN Clear provides marijuana concentrates that are top-quality and designed for true marijuana connoisseurs.

The concentrates are free of all solvents and are one of the cleanest and purest forms of isolated cannabinoids. They are so pure that they have a similar appearance and consistency as honey. These high-potency concentrates can be ingested, vaporized, or applied topically, and are available in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains.

We vaporized and ingested VAPEN Clear’s concentrate made from the Gorilla Glue marijuana strain. This hybrid strain had us relaxed and smiling for hours. We also enjoyed the strain’s ability to reduce chronic pain and provide a great night’s sleep.

Contact your local dispensary to see if they carry VAPEN Clear products.

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