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Arizona Dispensaries in Danger of Immediate Closure

It appears that another Arizona Senator is secretly fighting against Arizona’s medical marijuana program!  How do these people keep getting re-elected?

Arizona Senator Kimberly Yee is using her power to pass bill SB 1440, which has the potential to close medical marijuana dispensaries.

Bill SB 1440 was (supposedly) designed to force dispensaries to label edibles in a fashion that clearly indicates that the edibles are for medicinal purposes only; thus, potentially keeping children from accidentally consuming medical marijuana edibles.

But here is the catch: A first-time violation for any dispensary would result in the permanent closure of the dispensary.  Therefore, there is no slap on the wrist, no warnings.  SB 1440 states that, “The Department [Arizona Department of Health Services] shall immediately revoke the registration certificate of a registered nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary…”   That means immediate and permanent closure for any “violating” dispensaries.

Basically, law enforcement could claim that any dispensary had an improperly packaged edible on their shelf and immediately close down the dispensary.

If you’re an Arizona citizen, click here to help oppose this bill.


To read SB 1440, click here.


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