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Discreet Growing Made Easy

Discreet Marijuana Growing BoxesSupercloset Grow Boxes the Bar for Discreet Growing

We all know someone who has now or in the past tried to grow in their closet or spare bedroom. The hurdles for a new hydroponics grower can be daunting. The internet is full of advice on how to set up your own indoor grow room and, to the novice, it can seem like there are more questions than answers. If this has been your experience, Supercloset Grow Boxes Indoor Grow System may change your view of hydroponics. Specifically, the the Model 3642.

From the outside, the unit resembles a storage cabinet that would be found in any garage. The unit’s exterior is made of powder coated steel for durability and low-key appearance. Though the manufacturer has several models, this one is roughly the size of a standard washing machine. It has a pair of doors and locking handles. It’s nothing that would draw a questioning glance from most people, but, while it may look plain on the outside, like your friend’s fat girlfriend, the beauty of this indoor growing machine is all on the inside.

Discreet Indoor Marijuana Growing Many models are fully-automated, self-contained plant paradises. It is a sealed system so there is no air or smell transmission from the unit. All air is ventilated through an activated carbon filter and ventilation fan. The fan is set on a thermostat, which allows the user to select a desired maximum temperature. The walls and ceiling are fully lined with a reflective, thermal, and infra-red barrier to promote even light distribution inside and reduce infra-red signature outside. Using the integral trellis system, the user can grow up to 6 plants inside the unit and control their growing height by weaving the plants into the trellis.

The hydroponics feeding system has a reservoir capable of holding 7 gallons of nutrient rich and oxygen rich water, which is delivered to the plants automatically according to the schedule you select. Having 7 gallons of water in reserve allows the user to leave his plants for up to a week at a time without tending to them.

Hidden Marijuana Indoor Growing SystemHydroponics is the most productive means of growing MMJ, and, while it is not a new technology, the improvements being made are happening at a surprising rate. Advancements in nutrients as well as equipment have led to a resurgence in the popularity of hydroponics. Self-contained systems like the ones from represent the latest advancements in a GROWING field. 🙂


For those of you like us that try to support local businesses, is a Phoenix-based company. You can check out Supercloset Grow Boxes to learn more.

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