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Facebook Likes Weed

Weed and Marijuana and FacebookAccording to leaked documents, marijuana is the only drug that Facebook will not flag and remove photographs of…thank you Zuckerberg.

The leaked internal documents state:

Depictions of illegal drug use are prohibited, unless it is apparently about marijuana, but posts will be removed if someone is clearly selling, buying or growing the drug.

Check out the Facebook page. “Like us” and you’ll be entered to win a cool glass bong we are giving away. If you to the Google+ thing then join our circle. We are giving away a bong there too! We also randomly give out Major League Toker tshirts to our followers, so connect with us and be rewarded.

Alright, that’s all I got. Gotta go, I’m meeting up with Zuckerberg. We’re going to go pull some tubes using a bong made from Harvard rowing oars.

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