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Where Can I Get Marijuana in Arizona?

Where can I get weed in AZ?Friday was the last day for applicants to submit Marijuana Dispensary Registration Certificate Applications to the State. Now the State must sort through the 484 submitted applications. The Arizona Department of Health Services plans to award all 126 Dispensary Certificates on August 7th. Once they are awarded it will be a while until they are open and ready for patients.

So where can patients get marijuana in Arizona before the dispensaries open? Glad you asked. Patients have a number of options. For example:

Compassion First Caregiver Circle and Compassion Clubs

Compassion First Caregiver Circle is a non-profit network of caregivers that donate extra medicine from their harvests to other patients in need of medicine. Patients can get medicine, see a doctor or speak or speak with expert growers. The best part is, CCFC donates all proceeds from the marijuana go to charities in Arizona. Check out our article about how patients in AZ can get premium grade marijuana from CCFC before the dispensaries open. There are also a number of marijuana Compassion Clubs around town as well. Check out our Dispensary Directory to find a collective near you.

Growing Marijuana at Home

Growing at home can seem overwhelming, but in reality it is not at all. Advancements in ventilation, lighting, and system automation have given us the ability to grow with increased efficiency, even in small areas. Companies like offer indoor hydroponics systems that come equipped with a light, fan, pump, and timer. All you need to get started growing today. Just drop in some seeds and add water. CHeck out our article about the hidden marijuana grow box.

Other Patients with Extra Marijuana

There are a number of different places to find patients with extra medical marijuana. Marijuana classified ads are a good place to start. There are a number of posts in’s classifieds section.

Marijuana Delivery Services

Some patients with extra meds are kind enough to deliver to people that cannot drive or are unable to leave their home. You can find these marijuana delivery services in’s marijuana delivery directory.

Patient and Caregiver Associations

The is an online marijuana social network that enables patients and caregivers in Arizona to connect, discuss and learn. The site is free to join. They are going through a redesign right now, so the site is a little rough, but the connections you can make with other people in the industry are unbeatable.

So even though the dispensaries won’t be open for a while, patients can still find excellent marijuana in Arizona. It might not be as convenient as going to a dispensary, but it is still a lot better than where we were this time last year…

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