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How Patients Can Get Medical Marijuana in Phoenix, Arizona Before Dispensaries Open?

Where can patients get marijuana now before the dispensaries open?

The Arizona Department of Health Services has finally opened the dispensary lottery process for the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program on May 14th and will stop accepting them at 5pm on May 25th. There are 126 zones across the whole state that people will have opportunities to submit applications to become dispensary owners and the ONLY operating medical marijuana establishment in their whole CHAA (community health analysis area).

It has been a rough path for us Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients. First, us patients were given Medical Marijuana Cards with NO access to any type of medical marijuana whatsoever. Then, we were “authorized to cultivate” but given NO type of instructions or help from the state. Now we are promised dispensaries in the near future, but can we expect these dispensaries to open in a timely manner and be stocked with premium marijuana right away?

Can patients consistently get premium grade medical marijuana RIGHT NOW?…before the dispensaries open?


The answer is YES.

Compassion First Caregiver Circle took the states decision to halt the Arizona dispensary process last year as a challenge, we designed a 100% LEGAL business model in which AZDHS registered Caregivers sublease custom controlled grow sites from us to cultivate award winning strains for AZDHS registered patients. CFCC uses a laboratory to test EVERY plant produces by its caregivers to ensure quality. Any marijuana provided to our CFCC patients has a guaranteed 15% or greater THC rating and absolutely NO mold/pesticide. Patients deserve quality marijuana to help with their ailments, don’t settle for anything less!

Patients can come to CFCC and choose from over 200+ caregivers all across Arizona to select the one that BEST first their medical criteria. Once the patients selects their caregiver, CFCC pays all the fees and handles all the paperwork associated with licensing. During this time when we await for the state to approve the application, patients can make donations to local 501-C(3) charities in return for marijuana. These donations go 100% to the charity and have helped generate over $15,000 dollars to benefit the lives of many Arizona individuals.

Easily grow your favorite marijuana strain!

Once we have received confirmation that the application has been approved you may select ANY of the strains your chosen caregiver is currently growing. You can even select your FAVORITE strain and have your caregiver start growing it TODAY! Currently CFCC has over 30+ award winning strains that have been featured in events like the High Times Cannabis Cup!

The Arizona Department of Health Services has stated it will take months for these dispensary winners to go through all the regulatory approvals needed to open doors, and even longer for these dispensaries to produce their first premium grade harvest. Compassion First Caregivers already have PREMIUM MARIJUANA FOR YOU! Patient slots are filling up fast, if you are interested in being matching with one of Compassion First’s Caregivers please call James @ (602) 228-8450 or visit!

Marketing Manager
Compassion First Caregiver Circle

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