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How to Legally and Conveniently Obtain Medical Marijuana

Arizona law only allows a few legal and convenient ways for you, a medical marijuana patient, to obtain medicine. In no particular order, your options are: you find another patient to donate medicine to you (medical marijuana delivery services fit into this category), you cultivate your own medicine, a caregiver cultivates medicine then donates it to you, or you purchase medicine from a dispensary (that is, when they open).

As soon as a dispensary opens in a major city, the two above mentioned cultivation options will no longer be legal – for any patient or caregiver. This is due to an Arizona law that states that marijuana cultivation cannot occur within a 25 mile radius of an operating dispensary. That radius is enormous; if just one dispensary opens in a major city (Phoenix metropolitan area, Flagstaff, or Tucson), then that entire city’s patients and caregivers will no longer be allowed to legally cultivate marijuana. In other words, you will soon be forced to find a medical marijuana delivery service or dispensary (when they open…) to consistently get quality medicine.

So instead of waiting until a dispensary opens near your home, the most logical option to obtaining reliable, high-grade medicine is to find a reputable medical marijuana delivery service and establish a relationship with them.

Do you need a medical marijuana card? If so, search’s doctor directory for Trusted doctors in Arizona.

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