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Marijuana DUI Law Under Review

Thanks to Arizona citizen complaints, as well as national complaints, the recently passed (absurd and ignorant) law that makes it illegal for anyone to drive a vehicle with an active or inactive marijuana metabolite in their system is under review.

Hopefully, the idiotic law, that literally targets every legalized medical marijuana user (over 30,000 people) in Arizona for a DUI, is being reviewed by the court.

Currently, the law states that anyone who has any marijuana metabolite in their system can be prosecuted for a drug DUI.  That means that if you used medical marijuana three weeks ago, then you can get a DUI for driving “under the influence.”  This would be the same as getting a DUI today, for one beer that you drank two weeks ago.  (And for all those antiquated anti-marijuana folk – as ridiculous as that analogy sounds, it is factual.)

Write complaints to your local politicians to persuade them to abolish this ridiculous law.  Or at least, make posts on your Facebook page and/or Twitter page stating that this law is ridiculous and needs to be changed!


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