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Best Marijuana Strains for Chronic Pain

So many of Arizona’s patients have qualified for their medical marijuana cards because of chronic pain issues. So you might be wondering what are the best strains available for alleviating pain symptoms?

Anything with a high THC percentage will help with pain. Some of the most potent strains available are Indicas from the Kush family. Indicas can be very narcotic or “stoney” in effect and very commonly grown indoors as they are shorter, bushier plants. Bubba Kush is an example of a nearly pure Indica that is extremely effective for pain relief. Many patients with back issues have given great feedback on Bubba Kush for helping to reduce the amount of opiates and muscle relaxers that they need. Bubba Kush has a robust Indica smell with a slightly sweet overtone. Not fruity at all and very crystalized buds. It is also unique in that it is very narcotic in effect but does not seem to couch-lock people; rather, it allows patients to still function for daily activities with less fatigue and need for sleep.

Sativa strains are generally more euphoric in effect and often grow to be taller, more wirey plants. They are less common in indoor grows because of height issues, and reduced yields. A more common and very effective Sativa/Indica hybrid strain for chronic pain is Blue Dream. Blue Dream is very potent mix of the famous blueberry (Indica)x Haze (Sativa) that is still grown commonly indoors. It was bred to provide the body highs of an Indica and the cerebral effects of a Sativa. It is very effective for chronic pain issues, as well as anxiety. It has a very fruity smell and the effects are long lasting thanks to the haze cross. It is very crystalized in appearance and sometimes can have bluish overtones of color. Blue Dream is a highly recommended strain for those who must remain functional and need regular pain management.

Article contributed by AZ Dispensary Delivery.

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