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Who is the best medical marijuana doctor in Phoenix?

Trying to Find the Best Medical Cannabis Clinic in Phoenix?

The best medical marijuana doctor is different for everyone. Ideally, you want a doctor that understands your condition and the treatment plans you have tried in the past. In many cases, patients can have their primary physician or another specialist they are seeing write them a certification for a medical marijuana card. This works if your primary care doctor is familiar with marijuana and how it should be used as a medical treatment. Unfortunately, many physicians are uncomfortable writing a certification for their patient since marijuana is still a controversial treatment plan.

What if you don’t have a primary care physician in Phoenix?

If you don’t have a primary care doctor, your nest best option is to contact a clinic that specializes in medical marijuana. You can find a list of medical marijuana doctors in Phoenix in the MMJ Doctor Directory on AZmarijuana.com.

There are a lot of good marijuana doctors in Phoenix. For example try Green Cross Clinics or Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation if you are in Central or North Phoenix.

In east Phoenix, try Arizona Medical Marijuana Certification Centers or Cannabis Certification Centers All of these doctors are AZmarijuana.com Trusted Businesses. They are professional, affordable and very kind. 🙂

Find a doctor in Phoenix that you feel comfortable with and that fits your budget. Most doctors charge around $150 for a certification, but doctors often have specials and you can get a card for a discounted price.

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So, which medical marijuana doctor in Phoenix is best? That’s up to you.

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