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Chocolate Truffle Edible Review

Marijuana Chocolate Truffle

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Ok, that might be an over-exaggeration, but not by much.

These are definitely not the normal, Hershey-style chocolates most patients are used to. No, these chocolate truffles are the real deal. Made with organic ingredients like dark chocolate and coconut milk, these truffles are delicious. And an added bonus: they are vegan, so almost any patient can enjoy them.

I am confident when I say that these marijuana chocolate treats are just as good, if not better, than any truffle you will find in the gourmet stores around town. And unlike those store-bought truffles; these bad boys are medicated!

The truffles have a hard chocolate shell topped with shredded coconut. Inside they are filled with a softer chocolate fudge. The marijuana chocolate truffles are made with a marijuana tincture, so you can hardly taste the cannabis. Upon first bite, you only taste the chocolate. It is only after you have begun chewing that you sense a mild marijuana flavor/aroma.

To give you a sense of their potency: the larger truffles have about a gram inside. The smaller ones only contain about a half of a gram of marijuana.

I have had hard candies, lollipops, brownies and all sorts of other marijuana sweets, but these truffles are my new favorite. In the evenings my sweet tooth makes me crave a little chocolate before bed. Now, I can medicate and indulge my craving for chocolate at the same time.

Marijuana Chocolate TruffleThe buzz from the chocolate truffles was very mellow. It was very relaxing so don’t eat one of these and expect to be able to run a marathon after. Our motivation seemed to disappear as quickly as the truffles did.

I have to thank Mr Nice Delivery for letting us try these truffles. You can contact them directly for information about the truffles or any other meds they deliver.

If you are trying to find marijuana or need medicine delivered, check out Mr Nice Delivery. They are very nice to work with and their meds and edibles are excellent. If they are not in your area, check out one of our other Trusted Marijuana Delivery businesses in Arizona in our marijuana delivery directory.

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