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The Best Marijuana Edible in Arizona

Marijuana Truffle Best Marijuana Edible in ArizonaYeah, I said it: The Best Marijuana Edible in Arizona. I have tried a lot of them and I can confidently say I have found a new favorite marijuana edible, or medible, or whatever you want to call it… this $#!+ was good.

What you see in this picture is an organic chocolate truffle made with dark chocolate and coconut milk and filled with pure heaven…medicated heaven actually. Read our full review of the best marijuana edible in Arizona here.

These chocolate truffles were made by Mr Nice Delivery. Text them or give them a call if you like to eat your meds ’cause their chef has the golden touch. You can find their business page in our Phoenix Marijuana Delivery directory.

Check out some of our other favorite marijuana strains, edibles, tinctures and hash in our marijuana reviews pages. If you want us to review your edible, let us know. Send an email to marketing[at]

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