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Black Leaf Oil Vapor Dome with Concentrate Nail Review

Have you ever tried smoking marijuana concentrates or oils?

This 3-piece Black Leaf set is for smoking marijuana concentrates or oils and fits any bong or attachment with a 14.5 mm joint. This is a must have accessory for any cannabis connoisseur. Created with 3 pieces of quality borosilicate glass, this concentrate utensil includes a 90 degree adapter with a 14.5 mm male joint at the bottom and an 18.8 mm male joint at the top, the glass concentrate nail, plus your top load vapor globe with an 18.8 mm female joint.

The 3-piece oil vapor dome/concentrate nail and 90 degree adaptor is clear borosilicate with the Black Leaf Oil logo in black. This 14.5mm bottom joint can easily be attached to an 18.8mm bong joint with the help of a reducing joint adapter (not included).

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