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Baby Boomers Are Turning to Medical Marijuana

Baby Boomers Marijuana

Sue Taylor, a retired Catholic school principle and Baby Boomer, has started informing Baby Boomers about the medical benefits of marijuana. California has certified Taylor to teach the state’s medical marijuana program to senior care facility nurses and managers looking to continue their education credits.

“When I go in to any senior facility and I give the presentation to any seniors themselves, they resonate with me right away — number one, because I am a senior, and number two I tell them you don’t have to smoke it and the high is gone, and they become very interested,” stated Taylor.

Taylor is one of six finalists for a permit to open a dispensary in Berkeley. If awarded a dispensary permit, Taylor’s dispensary would likely be the first in history to be owned and operated by a senior female African-American.

Baby Boomers are a big swing vote for medical and recreational marijuana legalization. Typical senior-related ailments make them candidates for medical marijuana and likely to be pro-marijuana. Currently, only a small percentage of medical marijuana users are seniors, but that number is expanding as more and more retire. In the U.S., 10,000 people turn 65 years old every day.

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