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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Opens up about Marijuana Use

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the former 3rd Rock from the Sun star turned successful leading man, opened up about marijuana for an upcoming Playboy issue where he expresses how he hopes that the negative stigma behind smoking marijuana will soon end.

“Even though the tide is turning, I think marijuana is overly demonized in our culture,” said Gordon-Levitt to Playboy. “I do know people who let it get out of control and let it play a part in their lives that’s not beneficial. There’s definitely an addictive quality, but it’s psychological. It’s not physically addictive in the way cigarettes or alcohol are physically addictive.”

Gordon-Levitt credits marijuana for part of his creative process, especially when he’s coming up with new ideas and making unique connections for movies. “Sometimes those connections are ludicrous, but sometimes they’re great. You’re like, ‘Oh sh*t, I might not have thought of that,’ and it actually makes sense in the morning.”

Gordon-Levitt is one of many celebrities beginning to publicly praise the positive (and lack of negative) aspects of marijuana use.

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