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Cannabis Industry’s First Luxury Jewelry Line Launches

Genifer M Jewelry

The legal marijuana industry has become a melting pot of business professionals from just about every business sector imaginable. And that trend should increase as predictions show the legal cannabis industry is likely to continue to blossom.

Genifer Murray is one of those cannabis pioneers that jumped into the cannabis industry early on and discovered a world of possibilities. She is currently the co-founder of GENIFER M, a cannabis-inspired luxury jewelry line that is the only one of its kind.

Murray began her journey into the marijuana industry in 2010, when she founded CannLabs, one of the first marijuana testing laboratories in the U.S. Genifer departed from CannLabs in 2015, after helping it become one of the leading marijuana testing companies in the country. She also is a founding member of Women Grow, an organization started in 2014 that connects, educates, and empowers women in the cannabis industry. In 2015, Genifer started Carbon Blue Consulting, which provides science-driven insights on health and safety, laboratory setup, training, and education.

In 2013, Genifer was on the Governor’s Task Force helping to implement Amendment 64 in Colorado. She frequently wore suits and wanted something that showed why she was at the capital, but everything she could find was cheap, mass-produced “pot” culture jewelry. So, she reached out to her father, a retired gemologist/jeweler, and asked him to create a high-end cannabis leaf that she could wear on her lapel.

A few months later he took her to dinner and presented her with an 18k gold, 2.5k diamond pave’ indica cannabis leaf, which completely surpassed her expectations. Not only was it a lapel pin, but also a necklace that she wears almost every day. “This piece, which my father calls my ‘crown,’ is a non-threatening way to ask me about cannabis,” stated Genifer. “I have changed minds with this necklace.”

The GENIFER M jewelry line consists of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, charms, cufflinks, and lapel pins that are only crafted with the finest materials: solid sterling silver, gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and diamonds. They also provide personalized designs. The premium quality is thanks to Genifer Murray’s dad, Glenn Murray, the gemologist, who spent years with the world-renowned DeBeers Diamond Trading Company.

With this beautiful luxury jewelry collection, GENIFER M has created a traditional business in the new, non-traditional cannabis industry. A jewelry collection that continues to be perfected, because as Genifer likes to say: “We’re ending prohibition, one leaf at a time.”


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