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Where can I find the cheapest marijuana in Phoenix, Arizona?

I get asked this a lot. And my response is: do you want the cheapest weed? Or the least expensive medical marijuana? Big difference.

The cheapest weed in Arizona is probably low-grade schwag grown across the border (usually grown and smuggled into the US illegally). The distribution of this marijuana is usually controlled by gangs and cartels. This dirt weed is cheap because it is usually a low-THC strain that has been poorly grown and improperly taken care of after harvest. Not really the best option for patients and I do not recommend going this route.

A better option: some card-holding marijuana caregivers have low- or medium-grade outdoor buds. These nugs aren’t as cheap as the dirt weed, but are a much better smoke. Not only do they come from registered and reputable caregivers, but they are also usually good strains and have been grown with the end product in mind. Recently I smoked an outdoor Headband strain, grown in northern Arizona. It was only $150 an ounce and was very high quality.

Most caregivers usually grow high-grade medical marijuana. The prices of high quality medical marijuana are generally higher because of the high cost of growing and expertise needed to grow high-grade medicine. Ounces generally range from $200 – $450 an ounce. High-quality, locally grown buds are getting easier and easier to find. Check out our marijuana reviews to see some examples. Or better yet, head over to our marijuana delivery section and call up one of the “ Trusted Delivery Services” and have some great cannabis delivered to your front doorstep.

How to buy marijuana in Phoenix.


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