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Marijuana Shots and Healthy Space Cakes

Check out the recipe section. We’ve added all sort of great recipes like Bloody Mary Jane Shots and Gluten Free Fudge Brownies. Yeah, I said it: gluten free. You are probably thinking the same thing I was before I tried them: gluten free means it will tastes like cardboard. Not these. These brownies were really good. And the Bloody Mary Jane Shots, well those were magnificent. I’m sure they would be great for pain, stress or insomnia, but we used them for our Sunday morning hangovers. Marijuana can take away a hangover better than anything else we have tried and these Bloody Mary Jane Shots have just the right combo of marijuana and alcohol to take the edge off on Sunday morning (or any difficult morning).

Marijuana TruffleI recently gave the “Best Marijuana Edible in Phoenix” title to the marijuana chocolate truffles we tried recently from Mr Nice Delivery, but these gluten-free brownies come close to taking the belt from the champ. Although I bet the professional chef at Mr Nice could perfect this recipe in to something that would make Wolfgang Puck drool (right before it gave him cotton mouth) .

If you have a recipe you would like us to try, send it to us at marketing[a]


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