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The Art of Hand Rubbed Hash

Hand Rubbed HashHumans have been smoking hash for thousands of years all over the world and there are a number of techniques used to make hash, some older than others.

One of the oldest ways to make hash (and also one of the quickest and simplest ways) is hand rubbed hash. This hash is made exactly like it sounds: by collecting the resin that builds up on a person’s hands after rubbing a bunch of flowering marijuana plants. ( FYI: One of the easiest ways to get hash is by using’s hash delivery directory.)

To professional medical marijuana growers this probably sounds like a great way to bruise or kill a perfectly good marijuana cola. And I agree, but it is how people have been making hash for thousands of years in places like Nepal, India and Kashmir where it is too humid to make hash using sieves and drying marijuana is near impossible. Plus, rubbed hash has some unique qualities that many patients, including myself, enjoy.

The efficiency of hand rubbing is marginal at best because you need a large number of plants and a lot of time. However, it requires virtually no equipment and no preparation unlike other hash making techniques like sieving.

Making Hand Rubbed HashMost hashish these days is made using much more efficient processes that yield very high quality, and high THC hash like bubble hash and ear wax hash.

So, there you have it. Now you know how to make some quick hash if you ever happen to stumble upon a large field of flowering marijuana.

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