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Vapir ONE Vaporizer Review

The Vapir ONE Vaporizer raises your typical vapor trail quality up an octave with its revolutionary, natural “quartz crystal heating element.” That means that the Vapir One vaporizer’s heating element keeps your marijuana from getting burnt, giving you pure vaporized marijuana.

The Vapir ONE Vaporizer goes beyond the typical vaporizer, allowing you to dial in your exact vaporizer temperature with a digital back-lit display, but wait there’s more . . . The Vapir ONE is intelligently designed by setting you up in simple yet elegant style, plus it delivers a high-tech edge that won’t leave you feeling burned.

Check out these awesome features that are sure to tantalize any new medical marijuana patients and impress the most avid connoisseur: 3 Speed Air Flow Control, Revolutionary Quartz Crystal Heater, Fahrenheit/Celsius Digital Temp Gauge, and a Secure Locking Mechanism.

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