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Dr. Weil Supports Significance of Medicinal Marijuana

The Tucson resident, Dr. Weil, has supported natural plant-based medicines for decades.

In 1972, Weil wrote the book “The Natural Mind,” written after his world travels. He stated that in every person is the desire to transcend ordinary reality and alter the mind. In his book “From Chocolate to Morphine,” Weil continued this topic by listing various “drugs” in American culture.

Weil has also been very open throughout the years about his own use of psychoactive drugs, and was a regular contributor to High Times magazine in the 1970s.

“I think it’s just silly that we’ve denied ourselves the use of that plant,” he said of cannabis. “New research suggests it has significant anti-cancerous properties (and) it slows or prevents dementia…the problem is we have to find forms of it that doctors can prescribe. Doctors aren’t comfortable telling someone to smoke something.”

New non-smoking alternatives for marijuana are becoming more widely available. For example, Sativex, is a cannabis extract that is sprayed under the tongue. It’s currently being used in the United Kingdom.

“It’s a bumpy road,” said Weil, adding that he believes we are moving in the correct direction as a country.

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