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What to Expect if Proposition 205 Passes in Arizona

AZ Adult Use Marijuana

If Proposition 205 passes this November, Arizona’s recreational marijuana industry would be setup much like Colorado’s; Adults ages 21 and older would be legally permitted to possess up to an ounce of marijuana as well as grow up to 6 marijuana plants at home for personal use.

Many marijuana-related violations would become petty offenses, similar to a parking ticket, according to  AZ Central. Recreational marijuana dispensaries could open in early 2018 and would be regulated much like Arizona’s current medical marijuana dispensaries.

According to the local marijuana campaigns, adults would be able to legally start possessing and using marijuana as soon as the election results become official. Medical marijuana dispensaries that obtain recreational dispensary licenses could begin selling marijuana for recreational use in 2018 out of the same location.

A Department of Marijuana Licenses and Control would be established by the state and have the authority to license and regulate the recreational marijuana industry.

Sales on marijuana would be taxed at 15 percent, generating tens of millions in revenue for the state, show forecasts by the nonpartisan Joint Legislative Budget Committee. Much of the tax revenue will go to funding full-day kindergarten programs and K-12 schools for operating costs and maintenance. Some revenue will go to public education campaigns focused towards educating citizens about marijuana and other drugs.

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