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Marijuana-Infused Beverages Are Blossoming in Arizona

Newton's Original

BDS Analytics showed an increase of 9% in marijuana-infused beverage sales in Arizona during the first two quarters of 2018, which accounts for about 1% of total medical marijuana sales in the state. Infused beverages add to the options available in the edibles sector of the market for those that don’t want to smoke or vaporize marijuana.

Jade Tadvick of Sir Newton’s, an Arizona marijuana-infused beverage maker, commented that the company’s drinks are ideal for those that can’t ingest sugar due to different health conditions, the Phoenix New Times reported.

“It’s a way to medicate more socially than a typical edible,” said Tadvick. “It’s more of a diet soda. Our thought was we can make a soda taste pretty close to regular soda, have zero calories, zero sugar, and have it be a home run. And so far, it’s doing pretty well.”

Keef Cola is another popular medical marijuana-infused beverage in the Arizona market. They also offer consistently dosed infused-beverages. Both companies offer options that are 10mg, 50mg and 100mg doses.

Patients that require quick relief of symptoms may enjoy the infused beverages a little more than an edible since the effects do tend to be felt faster. Edibles typically take about an hour to feel anything, but with an infused beverage, it may be as little as 15 minutes.

Cannabinoids start to absorb sublingually when a marijuana product is consumed orally – similar to how tinctures work.

It is important to know your tolerance and take small doses when consuming marijuana. Start small, with 5mg and wait at least an hour before opting to consume more.

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