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Marijuana-Infused K-Cups Now at Seattle Dispensaries

Marijuana Coffee K Cups

Marijuana-infused coffee “K-Cups” have hit dispensary shelves in Seattle.

Each coffee pod includes 10mg of THC and costs $10. And the dispensary manager at Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop in Seattle claims the marijuana-infused coffee pods taste like any other cup of fresh brewed coffee.

“People might scoff at the price, but when you think of Starbucks – and you get the nice kick of THC – it’s really not that expensive,” stated the dispensary manager.

The coffee pods are huge sellers and account for 60% of Uncle Ike’s coffee sales. Other Seattle-based coffee shops are breaking into the business with coffee, teas, and creamers.

Marijuana edibles and vaporizers are quickly taking over smoking as the primary method of consuming marijuana.

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