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Marijuana Refugees: Veterans Moving for Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Refugees Vets

Legislation passed last month by the Senate includes a provision which would allow Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) doctors to recommend medical marijuana to patients in states where medical marijuana is legal.

The legislation hasn’t passed in the House yet, but it is opening the doors to many veterans seeking marijuana as a natural alternative to an all-to-common bulk of ineffective pharmaceutical drugs being prescribed to them. These veterans, or marijuana refugees, are moving in masses to pro-marijuana states in search of a medicine that will help with their mental and/or physical ailments, reports

A recent veteran and father of two children who was diagnosed with PTSD and TBI claims to use marijuana – illegally – because it helps so much with managing his anxiety and debilitating migraines.

He said that: “Using marijuana saved my life. There is no way I would take meds for my entire life. I would end it first because the side effects of pharmaceuticals are as painful as the pain you’re trying to get rid of.”

Currently, swarms of veterans are moving to pro-marijuana states – as they wait and hope that the legislation will pass – to use marijuana in order to improve their quality of life.


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