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RAW Launches “Phenomenally Thin” Rolling Papers

HBI International, established independent and international producers of the RAW line of plant-based rolling papers and innovative smoking accessories, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest, pinnacle line of delicate rolling papers, Ethereal.

As consumers become more discerning about the flavor and quality of their product, RAW’s state-of-the-art new line of rolling paper will accommodate smokers with a preference for the finer things. The new product is designed to feel like it’s not even there, allowing flavor and aroma to shine without interference. Extremely thin and delicate, the new rolling papers must be handled with care and can only accommodate evenly ground smoking materials.

“I am so proud of these angelic papers that come from decades of development. I’ve always wanted to make thinner papers, but the market wasn’t quite ready for something this thin until recently. I can’t wait for consumers to taste and feel the difference with these ludicrously thin papers,” said Josh Kesselman, CEO and founder of RAW.

As smoking material and rolling skills have improved, these new RAW papers are set to meet the demands of serious smokers who want their experience to center around the smoking material, not the rolling material. Roughly 40% thinner than some other ultra-thin options on the market, the Ethereal line of rolling papers differ from anything else available due to their dainty, exceedingly thin structure. The ultra-thin design was engineered to cut out the paper flavor and heaviness of other rolling products to highlight the taste and smell of the material inside, providing a “barely there” feel unique to Ethereal.

The new rolling paper line joins a large product portfolio, including RAW’s Classic, Organic Hemp, and Black rolling papers. Ethereal is available in the standard 1 ¼ size with 50 leaves per pack and King Size Slim with 32 leaves per pack. An icon in smoking culture for decades, the RAW product line also includes cones, tips, rolling accessories, smoking gear, apparel, storage products, and lifestyle items.

The “phenomenally thin” papers are now available at select smoke shops around the United States.

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