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Select’s Snooze Bites Are Now Available in Arizona


Select Snooze Bites are rolling out in several markets across the United States this fall. Through the combined power of THC:CBN, this fast-acting platform is a true disruptor as an efficacious nighttime product.

Designed for the perfect wind-down, Snooze Bites combine a unique 1:1 ratio of fast-acting THC and long-lasting CBN. The scientifically developed formula incorporates 5mg of nano-encapsulated THC, which is made by creating tiny, water-soluble molecules from cannabis oil and is therefore quickly absorbed into the bloodstream with effects typically experienced within 15 to 30 minutes. When paired together with 5mg of CBN – a cannabinoid typically known for its relaxing and restorative qualities – users can expect a heightened combined experience.

According to BDS Analytics, the top reason adults choose to consume edibles is to sleep better. Demand for CBN sleep products has surged in the country’s top markets, reportedly generating $43 million in sales across California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon in the first two quarters of 2021.

“Our R&D team is constantly working to elevate and customize the cannabis experience, and Select’s latest product innovation reflects Curaleaf’s ongoing commitment to our customers’ unique lifestyles and preferences,” said Curaleaf, which owns the Select brand. “Our ultimate goal is to help consumers experience cannabis with confidence – and the launch of Select Snooze Bites is one more example of how we are striving to serve an even broader spectrum of customer needs.”

Rich in terpenes such as myrcene, linalool, nerolidol and terpinolene, Select Snooze Bites will stand alongside the brand’s Select Bites and Select Nano Bites which were relaunched earlier this year with a new look and better-than-ever taste. All Select Bites are made with a high stability, soft gelatin formula that provides a consistent experience with excellent texture and a delicious blackberry flavor.

Select Snooze Bites are currently available in Arizona and Nevada, and will soon launch in states such as California, Colorado, Maryland, and Maine. For more information on product availability, please visit

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