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Celebrities Begin to Endorse Marijuana Legalization

Legalizing marijuana–medicinally or recreationally–is a hot topic in the United States these days. State after state seem to be passing voter-approved legislation to implement medical marijuana programs.

Soon a few medical marijuana states–Colorado, Oregon, and Washington–will be voting on making marijuana into a legalized recreational substance, just like alcohol. In time,–politicians and the ignorant public will comprehend and accept the scientifically-proven facts verifying that marijuana has multiple medicinal benefits, that it is harmless in comparison to alcohol, and that it has the potential to infuse billions of beneficial dollars of income for each state’s economy–it is likely the prohibition of marijuana will be repealed, just like alcohol in 1933.

As with any popular political regulation or deregulation comes celebrities with their point of view on the issue. In this case, those celebrities are advocating an intelligent and rational analysis; for the most part, the celebrities believe marijuana should be legalized, whether medicinally or recreationally. These celebrities appear to share a valid position on the matter with many politicians who also believe that by legalizing marijuana, then regulating and taxing it, states could constructively reallocate the likely billions of dollars of income back into the economy.

Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, Andrew Weil, Michael Moore, Howard Stern, and many more celebrities, as well as politicians, lawyers, and CEOs, have spoken publicly about the promising advantages to legalizing marijuana.

To read statements made by these celebrities and hundreds of other influential people, visit www.MarijuanaMajority.com.

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