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What is Marijuana?

Learn What Marijuana Is.

Marijuana is the flower from the Cannabis plant species.

Cannabis has two main sub-species, Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. Indica and sativa are the two types of marijuana strains, much like wine has two types, red and white.  Both indica and sativa strains produce different physical and cognitive effects.

Hybrids are marijuana strain mixes (cross-breeds) from different strains of indicas and sativas.  A hybrid carries certain characteristics – such as how the marijuana appears, tastes, smells, and its different effects on the human body and psyche – from its parents strains (indica and sativa).

Medical Marijuana

Marijuana has been used recreationally and medicinally for thousands of years by various civilizations. Recently, governments around the world have begun to learn about and acknowledge the scientific data proving marijuana’s many health benefits. Countries and states are now legalizing marijuana for medicinal use, and some for recreational use.

Medical marijuana is marijuana, but used strictly for medical purposes.  Most governments require that a person must have a qualifying medical condition and get approval (a certification/prescription) from a licensed doctor.  That person would then be considered a medical marijuana patient and will receive a medical marijuana card allowing them to either cultivate medical marijuana or purchase marijuana from a dispensary. Each state’s medical marijuana laws vary.

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