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Other Names for Marijuana | Slang

Other Terms for Marijuana

Other terms for marijuana range from scientific to slang. There are hundreds of ways of referring to marijuana. Some common terms like pot, weed, herb, and ganja refer to the substance itself. Whereas the higher potency forms of marijuana are often termed hash, hashish, shatter, dabs (dabbing), wax, or kief.

Terms such as joint, blunt, bong, pipe, vaporize, edible, or one-hitter refer to types of apparatuses or ways for marijuana to be consumed.

The most common terms for marijuana are:
– cannabis
– weed
– pot
– bud
– dank
– ganja
– herb
– Mary Jane
– reefer
– dope
– chronic
– grass
– greens

There are hundreds of names used to describe marijuana (see image below), but most of them are limited to societal groups and regions. The aforementioned common terms are widely used within America and throughout the world.

Hemp is often mistaken for marijuana.  But hemp is actually a frequently used name for certain varieties of the Cannabis plant species and its fiber, oil, and seeds.

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