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4 Reasons To Vaporize Marijuana Instead of Smoke


The benefits of vaporizing instead of smoking are well documented: it is better for health and, for most consumers, it’s also less expensive in the long run.

Here are four reasons why you should consider making the switch from smoking to vaping:

1. It’s Healthier

The combustion of marijuana can produce several known carcinogens and tar, which can irritate the lungs and lead to chronic bronchitis. Vaporizers were primarily designed to overcome this issue. By heating marijuana at a lower temperature than combustion, the devices produce an inhalable vapor that still contains the active medical ingredients in marijuana (cannabinoids), but without the harmful by-products.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

While some vapes require an initial investment of about $200, many often cost as little as $40. And vaping saves you money in the longterm, because you use less marijuana to get the same effects as with smoking.

3. It’s Discreet

Some vapes do still emit a noticeable vapor and marijuana odor, but for the most part, newer vaporizer pens are much more discreet than smoking and are odorless.

4. The Flavor

Most vaporizers enhance the flavor of the marijuana strain being vaped, which adds to the many pleasures already attributed to marijuana.

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