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Arizona Grandma Becomes Medical Marijuana Advocate

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A Sun City grandma has recently become an outspoken advocate for medical marijuana.

Tamar Meyers, 67, has dealt with chronic shoulder pain for years, and as a last resort she decided to try an alternative pain treatment – marijuana. Meyers and her husband moved to Arizona specifically because medical marijuana is legal, 3TV reports.

“It’s been a game changer for me because my pain levels had been reduced so much,” mentioned Meyers, who is now able to garden, cruise around in her golf cart, and learn a new musical instrument.

Meyers is just one of nearly┬á92,000 Arizonans who currently has a medical marijuana card. More than 19 tons of marijuana was purchased at Arizona dispensaries in 2015. Meyers prefers the newer and healthier marijuana consumption methods — eating edibles and┬ávaporizing — instead of smoking.

“I was desperate,” said Meyers. “I’d never smoked marijuana before and really had no idea it would help.”

Meyers is attempting to spread praise┬áthroughout Sun City that marijuana isn’t a dangerous drug as the government has for years vilified it to be. She mentioned that many seniors she knows┬áfeel┬áthere’s a stigma surrounding medical marijuana. Yet Meyers thinks they should be open-minded and try it for themselves.

(Photo: KPHO/KTVK)