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How to Buy Marijuana From a Dispensary

Once you’ve received your Arizona marijuana card in the mail, you’re able to use it at Arizona dispensaries (or at medical marijuana delivery services).

First, find an Arizona dispensary near you.

Once you’ve found a dispensary or two that you’d like to patron, grab your Arizona marijuana card and go to the dispensary.

Upon entering the dispensary, you’ll often see security guards and an employee at the front desk. When you go to the front desk, the dispensary agent (employee) will ask you to fill out some paperwork (much like when visiting a new doctor’s office).

Fill out the paperwork and then the dispensary agent will show you into the dispensary room where they sell medical marijuana and other products such as edibles, pipes, bongs, etc. In this room, another dispensary agent will assist you with purchasing your medicine (medical marijuana).

It is usually a good idea to treat the dispensary agent as you would a pharmacist. Inform them of your medical condition (if you’re comfortable doing so) and tell them the effects you’d like to achieve; for instance: chronic pain relief, nausea relief, insomnia relief, etc. With this information, the dispensary agent will be able to suggest the ideal marijuana strains for you.

It is a good idea to test out a few small quantities of different marijuana strains before spending vast sums of money. This way you’ll be able figure out which strain(s) is ideal for you and your medical condition(s). Learn more about marijuana strains and their effects.

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