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Purple Urlke Tincture Review

Marijuana Tincture DropperThe Purple Urkle Tincture was nice and strong. It set in quicker than expected and provided a nice body high. Great for relaxing muscles and taking away any aches or pains. Also the perfect way to combat insomnia. Take some of this tincture before bed and you’ll sleep all night without moving an inch.

The Purple Urkle tincture was much more intense than other tinctures we have reviewed, which we really enjoyed. Our thanks go out to B Zo for letting us try his tinctures. All three were amazing.

The Purple Urkle, Blue Romulan and Oasis tinctures are all made in Arizona using medicine grown in Arizona. The tinctures were started in June 2011 and all three were made using food-grade vegetable glycerine with ground-up buds and some manicured trimmings. The jars were turned daily up until 2 weeks ago, at which time the glycerine was strained using cheese cloth and a potato ricer.

No heat or alcohol were used in this extraction process which makes them unique. Pure vegetable glycerine extraction takes longer, but is worth it in our opinion.

Since these tinctures don’t have alcohol them, they don’t burn the bottom of your mouth while you are letting ‘em sit under your tongue.

Tinctures are great when smoking isn’t an option, or when you need mild amounts of relief. You can find the specifics about how to make marijuana vegetable glycerine tinctures in our marijuana recipes section. Or find services that will deliver marijuana tinctures to your home.

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