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October, 2013

  • 31 October

    Steel Marijuana or Tobacco Pipe Screens Review


    Help keep your medical marijuana or tobacco out of your throat and in your pipe’s bowl. Because brass contains traces of ...

  • 27 October

    Dab Stacks Jar Review


    Amazing storage containers are ergonomic, durable, sleek, and modern. If you dab, then you need the Dab Stack storage containers (jars) ...

August, 2013

  • 27 August

    Instant Cleansing Energy Detox Review

    Rescue Detox

    Cleanse your body of toxins and free radicals with Instant Cleansing Energy by Applied Sciences. Applied Sciences is a company that ...

  • 8 August

    BongClip – Stainless Steel

    Bong Clip

    This bong clip is amazing! If necessity is the mother of invention, this stainless steel bong clip is a must have. ...

July, 2013

June, 2013

April, 2013

  • 4 April

    Cannabis Ashtray Review


    Ash in style from now on… If you’re tired of tapping your bowls out on random objects and appreciate a designated ...

March, 2013

February, 2013